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生命泉周讯 #24: 归属


September 23, 2020 · Posted By 黎国志 主任牧师

RiverLife Weekly #24: Belonging


Dinah and I became part of the RiverLife family 2.5 years ago. Walking in that first Sunday, we felt the warmth, love and acceptance from RiverLifers. As a child, I longed for a safe and loving home which my parents provided. As an adult, I have such a home and more within RiverLife.

September 22, 2020 · Posted By Pastor Ben KC Lee

生命泉周讯 #23: 人的脚步由耶和华所定


September 16, 2020 · Posted By 卢兴昌长老

RiverLife Weekly #23: A Man’s Steps are from The Lord

As I was looking through a report that documented the 50-year economic cycle of Singapore, it reminded me of the uncertain years in the mid-80s when Singapore experienced its first deep recession with negative growth, CPF rate cuts and job losses. I was then a final-year undergraduate, facing uncertain job prospects. Seniors who graduated joined the workforce with reduced salaries. Most of us did not expect such a daunting downturn as employment prospects had been great for years.

September 14, 2020 · Posted By Elder Loo Hin Chong

生命泉周讯 #22: 勇于深入探索


September 9, 2020 · Posted By 潘惠玉牧师

RiverLife Weekly #22: Dare To Dive Deep

Depth is a scary thing for most of us. And we rather not dive deep. The shallow end and the surface level are a lot safer and more comfortable. Yet we know there is such beauty and treasure waiting to be revealed in us when we dive deep, relationally.

September 8, 2020 · Posted By Pastor Dinah Lee

生命泉周讯 #21: 我们的家庭祭坛


September 1, 2020 · Posted By 黄贵良长老

RiverLife Weekly #21: Our Family Altar

I hope this brief sharing of my family’s journey in honouring our Lord by building a family altar will, in some way, encourage you in your journey of nurturing faith at home.

September 1, 2020 · Posted By Elder Ricky Ng
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