Who We Are


A Vibrant Family Where Sons and Daughters Mature And Reveal The Father's Glory From Generation To Generation

There are four aspects of this vision that He is focusing our church leadership to work on in the days ahead:

  • Vibrant Family - Growing in Relationships
  • Maturing Sons & Daughters - Growing In Discipleship
  • Revealing The Father's Glory - Growing In Our Missional Call
  • From Generation To Generation - Growing Stronger With Every Succeeding Generation


We Are A Word & Spirit Church

We believe that abiding in Him through His Word and Spirit is indispensable in our lives and ministry

We Are A Cell Church

Cells are an essential aspect of our church life. We share life, support and strengthen one another in the Lord and in our outreach to others in our cell community.

We Are Family-Oriented

We are known for our heart for the biological and spiritual family. We are passionate about building a vibrant church family and households where members can experience and grow in God's love and grace through healthy and authentic relationships.

We are a Missional Church

Our parent church, Bartley Christian Church, and her parent organisation, Christian Nationals' Evangelism Commission, both have a strong missional focus. We share the same missional DNA.