Elders Board  

Lee Ee Yang, Elder and Chairman 

Ee Yang is married to Charmaine, and they have two children. He came to faith in Junior College in 1999, but fully gave his life to Jesus only in 2001. Ee Yang came to RiverLife Church in 2002. A lawyer by profession, Ee Yang is excited about bringing revival in the marketplace.

Andrew Goh, Elder

Andrew is married to Cheh Oon, and they have one child. He came to faith at Primary Six in 1959, and was one of the three founding Elders of RiverLife Church in 1991. Andrew is a leading motivational speaker, coach and training consultant. The couple actively participate in cell, outreach and mission ministries.

Aaron Teo, Elder

Aaron is married to Lydia and they have two children. He came to faith in 1982 through his wife who invited him to a gospel rally. Aaron came to RiverLife Church in 2001. He has been running his own engineering and manufacturing business for more than 25 years. The couple enjoy ministering to the Lord and spending time in prophetic worship.

Loo Hin Chong, Elder

Hin Chong is married to Mui Ling, and they have three children. He came to faith in Junior College in 1982, and joined RiverLife Church in 1991 with his wife. Hin Chong is a professional banker and the couple consider ministry a life-long calling and continuous learning journey.

Ricky Ng, Elder

Ricky is married to Beng Ho, and they have three children. He came to faith in 1979, and joined RiverLife Church as one of its founding members in 1991. Ricky works in the financial services industry and is passionate about fulfilling the Lord's commission and walking daily in intimacy with God.

Tay Tat Seng, Elder

Tat Seng is married to Lina, and they have one child. He came to faith in Secondary School, and joined RiverLife Church as one of its founding members in 1991. Tat Seng runs his own business and he believes that he is called to be a watchman to pray for the body of Christ to receive the return of her Bridegroom.


Senior Pastor Ben KC Lee & Pastor Dinah Lee, Senior Leader

Ben was born in Sabah, Malaysia but spent much of his schooling years in Singapore, which he now calls home. Dinah was born and bred in Singapore. They met while studying at university in Australia.

As newly-weds, they planted Hope Church Singapore with three friends while Ben started out as an accountant, and Dinah a public relations consultant. Both of them went on to serve as full-time pastors, with Ben as its Senior Pastor from 1996 to 2009.

Focus on the Family Singapore was the next stop God had in store for Ben and Dinah, Ben for almost four years and Dinah for seven. In their time there, Ben served as Head of Sexual Wholeness while Dinah headed various departments including Content & Communications, Research & Development and Family Networks. Their most memorable season here was drawing on their pastoring experience to coach pastors and equip churches on the Whole Life approach to discipleship.

As ‘newly-weds’ for almost 26 years and counting, they have enjoyed different assignments, but their favourite role is to be parents to their young adult twins, Deborah and Daniel. The family enjoys holidaying with Ben’s family of origin in Sabah.

The prospect of being invited to flesh out relational discipleship led Ben and Dinah to join RiverLife Church. Their hearts’ desire is to prepare the bride of Christ for the return of Christ.

Pastor Lionel Goh, Senior Leader

Lionel is married to Eunice and they have two children. He came to faith in 1974 when he was an undergraduate in New Zealand. He was a Deacon/Elder of Bartley Christian Church for many years, and was one of the three founding Elders of RiverLife Church in 1991. Lionel was a senior manager with a property developer for 22 years and retired early in 2002 to undergo theological studies at the Bible College of New Zealand. He was a Pastor at Bartley Christian Church before being appointed Lead Pastor of RiverLife Church in 2011.

Patrick Ng, Senior Leader

Patrick is married to Patricia, and they have one child. He came to faith in 1993 and was baptised in RiverLife Church in 1996. He has served actively in several ministries since his baptism. Having worked in the building industry for over 30 years, Patrick retired in 2008 and attended Tung Ling Bible College. During his studies, he received confirmation to enter full-time ministry in RiverLife Church in 2011. He is passionate about seeing people come to know the Lord and discipling people.

Pastor Sarah Leung, Senior Leader

Sarah is married to Bill, and they have two children. She was brought up in a Christian home in Muar, Malaysia. Sarah personally encountered God at the age of 12. She started her career in the marketplace before joining RiverLife Church as a full-time staff in her 30s. The couple are passionate about spiritual parenting, and preparing the church for end-time revival.