Who We Are


We exist to make disciples who behold Christ and reveal Him.


A radiant disciple-making church catalysing Kingdom transformation in our communities and the nations.


The only way to live is by drawing from Christ. As the roots of our lives sink deeper into Christ, we will be able to navigate life held by His love and sustained by His word.

God’s heart is for everyone to belong, and so He plants each of us in His family. We resolve to embrace weaknesses and differences so as to create a safe place for all to be authentic and grow in maturity.

We are committed to cultivating an environment that helps us discover our identity as spiritual parents. We are passionate about nurturing and equipping everyone to journey with others in following Christ.

In a world of self-promotion, we are devoted to serving with humility and hiddenness. We desire to give of ourselves to others like Jesus, the ultimate Servant.

Called to be His messengers, we go and reach people. We are couriers of His love to the people we meet as we bring healing and hope to all who are hurt and in despair.