Myanmar has a population of 55.5 million people with the largest people group being the Burmese. Being the majority with 33 million people, the Burmese usually form the religious, political and economic leadership in Myanmar. Culturally, to be Burmese is to be Buddhist, therefore only 4.88% of Burmese are Christians.

Persecution is very prevalent in Myanmar. Churches are under constant watch and are often pressured to conform to cultural norms and expectations. The importing or printing of religious materials is prohibited.

Since 2013, RiverLife has been partnering with Rev Judah Zarni, Secretary of District Council No.3 in Assemblies of God Myanmar, to reach the Burmese. Efforts include running tuition centres, church planting, medical missions and conducting children’s camps. Evangelistic rallies are also organised in villages with little Christian presence.

Recently in 2018, God has also opened an opportunity for RiverLife to sow into Myanmar through Christian media broadcasting on their national television programme, in partnership with Christian Broadcast Network (CBN).