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生命泉周讯 #33: 父亲是门徒培育的带头者



November 26, 2020 · Posted By 黎国志 主任牧师

RiverLife Weekly #33: Fathers As Disciplers-in-Chief

God our Father is the source of life. As heads of households (Colossians 3:18-19), earthly fathers are to represent our heavenly Father to their children. In the light of this, fathers have a disproportionate impact on the faith life of their children. Does this mean moms are not as important? Certainly not! Moms are absolutely crucial!

November 24, 2020 · Posted By Pastor Ben KC Lee

生命泉周讯 #32: 父母是主要的门徒培育者

身为父母,我们会很想要把我们孩子的门徒培育交给教会去做, 因为觉得自己的属灵生命不够成熟或缺乏足够的知识来门训我们的孩子。 但是圣经给予父母们一个很明确的任务,就是要教导孩子们认识上帝是谁,以及上帝的话语。

November 18, 2020 · Posted By 黎国志 主任牧师

RiverLife Weekly #32: Parents As Primary Disciple Makers

As parents, it is tempting to outsource discipleship of our children to the church, thinking we are not spiritually mature or knowledgeable enough to disciple our children. But Scripture gives a clear mandate to parents to teach children about who God is and what He says.

November 17, 2020 · Posted By Pastor Ben KC Lee

生命泉周讯 #31: 单身与门徒培育


November 12, 2020 · Posted By 黎国志 主任牧师

RiverLife Weekly #31: Singles & Discipleship

In discussing discipleship at home, Dinah and I have asked the question, what about singles? We have had long conversations with single friends and pondered on this area. Here are several things we have learned so far on what discipleship can look like for singles.

November 10, 2020 · Posted By Pastor Ben KC Lee

生命泉周讯 #30: 婚姻的门训关系

最近,我读到一个关于婚姻的描述 –   一个婚礼不应该像是买一辆豪华名贵的法拉利跑车,马力十足,而我们需要不断地付很高的维修费来保养。反而,婚姻像是买了一套需要自己组装的汽车零件。它需要夫妻用一生的时间一起建造。在这过程,我们会把零件放错地方和做错。但最终,当我们靠着神的恩典,我们会为这个旅程共创既美丽又有意义的人生。

November 5, 2020 · Posted By 黎国志 主任牧师

RiverLife Weekly #30: Marital Discipleship

Recently, I read this illustration of marriage: A wedding is unlike buying a Ferrari – gorgeous, expensive and plenty of engine power that we are to maintain and keep up to standard forever. Instead, marriage is like buying a build-your-own-vehicle kit. It will take a lifetime to build together. We will put things in the wrong places and make mistakes. But eventually, as we depend on God’s grace, we will create something with beauty and purpose for the journey together.

November 3, 2020 · Posted By Pastor Ben KC Lee