The Journey Of Following The Cloud [Mission Weekend: Part 2 of 2]

Note: This being part 2 of Missions Week, there is no change to the spiritual objectives.

In this second part of Ps Joachim’s message, he shared on his personal journey as the Church Missions Pastor. Even though he was at first unfamiliar, unsure and unequipped, he prayed to God for a new season of ministry and for God to move him out of his comfort zone. He prayed fervently for God to build him up in His presence and for greater dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Ps Joachim reiterated on the four key Biblical foundations for Riverlife Church’s Missions work:

a) Bringing the Gospel wherever we go (Acts 5:42)

b) Focusing on and strengthening local churches (Acts 16:5)

c) Moving with the power of the Holy Spirit

d) Following the leading of the Holy Spirit and to be aware of the God’s Kairos moments

He shared on Riverlife Church’s main mission projects in equipping seminars & conferences for pastors, community & social projects, revival & evangelistic rallies, children’s ministry, youth programs and church planting. These are in line with Riverlife Church’s Mission Statement 3, which is “Blessing the nations by establishing strong local churches”. Ps Joachim gave credit and praise to the efforts of the past generation in establishing a strong Missions focus for the church and this had built a strong foundation.

He added that while our strategies and approach will change as Riverlife Church changes, we will remain committed to our Mission. Ps Joachim outlined the further work which Riverlife Church would be doing in 4 specific places: Myanmar, Jakarta, Dagupan and Sarangani. He also shared that the church would be re-directing resources away from other places. Ps Joachim explained that we must constantly be guided by the Holy Spirit. This involves being aware of the God’s kairos moments, knowing when to close, just like when to open up new areas of commitment. It also involves knowing when to step back and allow local churches to flourish.

Ps Joachim shared that Jesus will save the nations and asked that we know the heart of God and to act upon it with full measure of faith, holding nothing back. Adding that when we start to taste of what it is like, we will desire more. Jesus wants to partner with us in His work. Ps Joachim then shared on the praise report for 2015: 51 Missions Trips, 570 Mission Trippers, 3393 Decisions of Christ and 897 Healings. All glory to God!

Discussion Questions

1. Ps Joachim directed us to the third mission statement for RiverLife Church. The other two statements are important nonetheless.

1) Transforming lives by making disciples

2) Impacting society by advocating the family

3) Blessings the nations by establishing local churches

Which of these resonate with you? How do you think we can fulfill these statements in our lives? How can you make a difference where you are? [15 min]


2. 2015 was truly a year of Gods great empowerment, anointing and favour upon our church! Through our missions’ endeavours, we witnessed people giving their lives to God through platforms and in scales we could only dream about. What are the ways you and your cell can participate or support missions work? [15 min]


3. Read Matthew 28:16-20. Have you ever received God's calling for you to serve in the missions field? What was or will be your response if you are called to? [10 min]