Call To Arms (session 1)

Pastor David & Greta Peters (10 & 11 Jul 2015)

We are living in violent and turbulent times. Evil satanic forces working through sinful and deceived people are oppressing nations, people groups, families, and individuals. War has been declared and God is issuing a call to arms. He is revealing in a fresh way, the extensive and powerful arsenal at our disposal. God intends us to be trained in the skillful use of both our defensive and offensive weapons. He also wants to reveal strategies and tactics to enable us to overcome the enemy in the battles we face.

Today, God is raising up an army of Holy Spirit anointed men and women of all ages who are fully equipped to wage effective warfare, not only defeating the foe but liberating captives too. Will you respond to God’s “call to arms” to be part of His end-time army?

Discover the amazing resources God has for you and how to implement them in your life.