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Children (SuperLife)

SuperLife, RiverLife’s Children Ministry, is a fun and creative environment for little ones between the ages of two months to 12, to know and experience God in a deep, personal way from a tender age. Our cheerful volunteers and staff will ensure that your children are safe, loved and basically having a blast while making new friends, experiencing church and learning God’s Word in an interactive, hands-on manner.

Our age-appropriate programmes range from praise & worship, arts & crafts, games, bible lessons and small group time with adult leaders. Here at SuperLife, we are passionate about grounding your children in biblical truths and building strong, healthy families!

SuperLife runs on Sundays, 9am and 11.30am

Cradle Roll (4 weeks – 3 years) @ 2nd Storey, Room 206

Playgroup (3 – 4 years) @ 2nd Story, Room 207

Nursery Classes (4 – 5 years) @ 2nd Storey, Room 208

Kindy Classes (K1 & K2) @ 2nd Storey, Room 215

Primary (P1-P6*) @ 1st Storey, Grace Chapel

Preschool children (Playgroup, Nursery, Kindy) will meet in Room 215 for combined worship before adjourning to their classrooms for Bible teaching and small group activities.

P1-P6 will combine for worship in Grace Chapel. Thereafter, P1-P3 will adjourn to Faith Chapel for their lessons.
Parents need to bring their children to the relevant venues for registration, and pick them up during class dismissal. Newcomers will be greeted by volunteers or staff, who will register personal details and contact information. A temporary pass will also be issued to them.

For more information on SuperLife contact us.