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Life Stories

This Is My Story, This Is My Song
imageSAMANTHA NG, 40, who has been serving in the choir for two years. She works as a secretary and is a single mother with two beautiful kids, Victoria, 11, and Leroy, 9. Samantha became a Christian when she was in her teens, and was baptised in 2006. Amidst challenges with her health, work and being a single mother, Samantha emerged stronger in her faith as she served in the choir and built tenacity in her worship life.

Being in the choir is not just about music, it is about how God has touched me and transformed my life. Before I joined the choir, the range of songs I knew was very limited and whenever I sang, I didn’t feel ministered at all. But now as I grow closer to God, I feel completely different when I sing. I feel so strongly connected with God and my spirit uplifted!

Recently, I moved to a new job. My previous job was good and smooth-sailing till one day a new boss took over. It was extremely difficult to work under her leadership and going to work soon became a horrible drudgery for me. I remembered one day I was so stressed up by her and was on the verge of a breakdown. However, as a Christian, I cannot vent my anger or go around gossipping about her. I had nowhere and nobody to turn to, so I went to the toilet, which was the only quiet place I could find. There, I sang my heart out with the songs that I had learnt from choir, and I realised that after worshipping, I felt so much better, and so lifted up by the Holy Spirit. I did this on a regular basis, and I learnt what it meant to worship my way to freedom and victory.

Everyday, I also prayed for God’s deliverance and intervention in my work situation. The Lord heard my request. He blessed me with a secretarial job in one of the big four accounting firms. As I had no experience, I knew it was beyond my ability to get this job. Without God, I can do nothing! And with God, all things are possible!

Apart from a trying work situation, I also had to battle with my health. Every three months I have to go for a follow-up medical check up. On one occasion, my ultrasound scan report revealed that I had liver cirrhosis. This is an incurable illness. Following another check-up, the report revealed that there was a dot on my liver and upon my doctor’s advice, I went for another CT scan to detect any cancerous cells.

After hearing the news, I felt so depressed and scared. I knew that the only solution was to get down on my knees and pray. Every night, I cried out to God and told Him that my children are still young and they need me to look after them. I want to see my parents’ salvation and pleaded with the Lord not to take me away so soon! God heard my prayers and when the report came, the results were clear!

A year later, the report showed that my liver had a patch and I needed to go for a CT scan. But this time, I wasn’t afraid because I knew God is and always will be with me. I shared with my cell and choir members so that they could pray for me. I had faith in God and I knew that God would not let anything happen to me because I had placed my trust in Him. My report was clear again. Praise the Lord! Though I am not completely healed because the virus inside me is dormant, but my faith in Him still remains strong as the Lord is a sovereign God! I believe one day, if the Lord is willing, I will be completely healed. When that day comes, I will testify to my parents and to all my non-believing friends.

Now, whenever I sing with the choir, I am keenly aware that it is my personal testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness in my life. My song is an expression of gratitude and adoration unto my Saviour. I thank God that I can be part of the choir. They have truly become a community to me and have given me much encouragement and prayer support. Coming from different backgrounds and life stages, each of us in the choir has a unique story and song. Together, we will continue to proclaim the splendour of His Kingdom and His mighty acts!


This story was first published in our Jan/Feb 2011 bi-monthly bulletin.