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Life Stories

Reaching To YOU
imageI was born into a Christian family and I have been attending church since I was a young child. Growing up, going to church was more of a rountine to me, rather than something that I looked forward to.

I felt that it was a waste of time and I reluctantly dragged myself there week after week. I was attending SuperLife, the Children Ministry, during my Primary School years. I felt bored during the service. The only thing that made me go to church was my group of friends. We would just sit at the back and talk. I knew that my attitude was not right but continued to attend church because my parents wanted me to.

When I turned 12 years old, I looked forward to graduating to MegaLife, the Youth Ministry – a change which I badly needed. However, fitting into MegaLife was not as easy as I thought. I felt lost whenever I walked around the Worship Centre with not many people to talk to. Despite being part of a cell, I still feel lonely as I could not fit in, especially they had times of worship or sharing experiences about life.

Then came this period of time when I was facing lots of problems. I was not coping well with school, and was struggling with some friendships and other personal problems. I could not really look to anyone as I felt no one understood me. Things definitely did not get any better. I began to blame God and find myself drifting further away from God, but I still went to church.

I shared my problems with my school and church mates, but they could not offer much help. I felt really lost. Then in one of the MegaLife service, I felt God speaking to me very clearly through the speaker. The message was totally applicable to my situation. Deuteronomy 31:6 assured me that God would never leave nor forsake me. Psalm 121 also comforted me, knowing that God never left me, despite my lack of faith and trust in Him. God was stretching out His hands to reach for me once again. After responding to the altar call, I felt extremely relieved and peace overcame me.

That night, my life took a big turn. It was as if I was a new person. The loneliness and emptiness I previously felt was replaced by the peace of God. I had a deep desire to reach out to God and worship Him in total surrender. I also chose to open up to my cell members, and have since developed a much closer relationship with them. In fact, I feel a real sense of belonging to my spiritual family now.

Praise God! I am grateful to be drawn back to God and to be born again.


Wong Yun Xuan is a student at Anglican High, and was baptised on 11 July 2010.